ABA-VR Project: Introduction
  • Description

ABA-VR: A Behaviour Management Training through Virtual reality preparing higher education students to support individuals with autism. The ABA-VR project aims to improve the skills of HED students who will potentially be working with individuals with ASD by providing an innovative training program incorporating VR technology.

  • Objectives

The main objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive educational kit enhanced by an innovative VR tool.

Through this kit we aim to spread accurate knowledge about how to use ABA-based strategies among HED and professionals working in the field of autism (e.g.,psychologists, special educators, speech language professionals, occupational therapists, support workers)-thereafter referred to as ASD HED graduates, and train a pool of those students in each partner country on practical ABA-based strategies which will enhance their employability.

  • Consortium

    - Sosu Ostjylland (Denmark)
    - Aalborg University (Denmark)
    - Masarykova univerzita (Czech Republic)

- Sina Svetulka (North Macedonia)
- Vimodo ltd (Cyprus)

- Associació Educativa i Cultural Blue Beehive (Spain)
- State Higher Educational Institution Donbas State Pedagogical University (Ukraine)

  • Website

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  • Project duration

01/01/2024 –  31/06/2026 (30 months)

  • Project number



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